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Hi! I’m Gloria Wilhelmina Verdina, graduated from London School of Public Relations Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently working in Fortune PR Indonesia, the Indonesian public relations and a full-service strategic communications consultancy. In my world, I’m pretty familiar with social media, thus, my blog concerned in communications, social media and humanity (though sometimes I find it so hard to not post about cats and DIY projects!). Most of the articles related to social media and humanity however were taken from recommended blogs, articles, written by the expert. Relax, I am trying to write on my own though 🙂

I put my concern on humanity due to what is happening in my country, Indonesia. As one of developing countries, we are here striving for justice and freedom especially in a matter of religious pluralism. Glad I made something useful for my country. I did a research entitled “The Understanding of Religious Pluralism Based on Symbolic Convergence Theory: Case Study of Transferring Religious Pluralism by Fahmina Institute in Cirebon City”. It starts from a small town, small things, I’m taking the baby steps to make a better place. I hope that my research can be a crucial resource for the next communication-religious pluralism research. Humanity therefore becomes an interesting topic to write on or discuss as it relates to many aspects in our life.


You probably will find my posts confusing, funny, satisfying or inspiring. If you found it so inspiring, I will be so glad to hear it. If you found it confusing, let me know, I’d love to learn more to turn it to be a better one 🙂 We all are still learning, right? I do really love to learn about other culture and native languages as well and right now am falling in love with Deutsch.

Contact me via email gloria.wilhelmina@gmail.com would be the best way to get in touch. Anyway, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and leave some comments. Kindly visit my web http://gloriawverdina.wixsite.com/cvitae  Thanks for stopping by, hope you have fun and benefit from what I do!


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