Why I Don’t Read Your Corporate Blog (And How You Can Fix That)

Dear Corporate Blogger,

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say just about every corporate blog, including yours,sucks. Let me tell you a story that proves it and explains why.

The Blogs You Read

How many blogs do you think people read on a regular basis? I regularly read 34 blogs. Yes, 34. And by read, I mean skim to find articles I might want to read. These blogs are on topics I’m interested in like productivity, marketing, copywriting, music, and video games. I actively subscribe to four blogs (via email subscription). I read every post those four people send me. That’s because those posts help me succeed. Oh, and I run two blogs. Yes, I’m a blogger.

Chances are, you read fewer blogs than me. Seeing that there are well over 150 million blogs, it is reasonable to conclude that the average person reads less than .00002% of all blogs out there.

What Does This Have To Do With My Corporate Blog?

I’m glad you asked. How many corporate blogs do I read? Zero. How many corporate blogs do you read (other than your own)? Zero or one (if we are being generous)?

Why Is This?

Let me speak for myself. And forgive my bluntness. It’s because I don’t care what your firm is doing.
You completed this great new project. I don’t care. You helped the community. Congratulations, I don’t care. You just announced a new service. I don’t care. You won this great award. I don’t care. You landed a new contract, you want to share your thoughts on an inspirational book, an organization you’re involved in is celebrating an anniversary, your firm ran a 5K, Martin Scorsese is doing a documentary on your firm…I could give a rat’s butt (i.e. I don’t care). Even when you write about someone who has had success using your service or product, I really don’t care to read it. I can see right through that.
And your writing, it is like reading a high school English paper. And let me tell you, even less people read those…for good reason. They are boring, just like your corporate blog.

Dropping Some Truth

I consider myself a pretty busy guy. I only have time for important things like doing my job well, caring for my family, making my life easier, watching reality TV, playing games, and keeping up with those crazy celebrities. I honestly don’t care about you or your firm. I only care about me and my interests. Whether they admit it or not, everybody else is just as horribly self-centered as I am. While this might seem like a challenge, it’s actually an opportunity for you.

How To Get Me To Read Your Corporate Blog

There is only one way you are going to get me to read your corporate blog.

 Give me valuable information that:

  1. Solves a problem I have
  2. Teaches me something I want to know
  3. Entertains me in the process

Your corporate blog only needs these traits, these three little things, and I will read it. If it just has one of these, sorry, I won’t read it. I need all three. Identify who your audience is and write posts that solve his/her problems, teaches them things they want to know, and entertains them in the process. Then, if we fit into that definition, we’ll read it. It’s that simple.

 Until then, you are wasting your time on that corporate blog because we won’t read it.

Yours Truly,

The Internet

Matt Handal is a Business Development and Marketing Manager, concern in proposal writing, sales, social media, copywriting , training, and PR. For more of Matt Handal’s rants, check out Help Everybody Everyday. LinkedIn is where this excerpt originally appeared.


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